SPP Ranch Coins Exp Cheat

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Credits: h333472002@fREE2SW4U

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • Charles 3.4.1 
  • Flash 10
  1. Open Charles Web Proxy Debugger
  2. Enter SPP Ranch! (click to play)
  3. Click on a rubbish.
  4. In Charles, you should see this line 'http://ranch.api.slide.com/'
  5. Expand it 「+」  > Expand ranch  「+」  > Expand amfapi/ 「+」
  6. You will see the line bulk_dispatch_actions (select the bottom one), right click and select 'Repeat Advanced'
  7. Iterations: 100,000 . Concurrency: 5
  8. Let the iterations run finish. Refresh the game and you should see your new exp and coins. Enjoy!
    Note: you can ignore the 30mins charles message as it will continue running.

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