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There are other ways in increasing coins, but this is one method of cheating the coins in case the simple method ever gets patched.

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • Charles 3.5.1
  • Cheat Engine 5.6
  • Firefox
Follow my instructions clearly or you will not be able to get it.

  1. Open Charles
  2. Enter Tiki Resort (click to play)
  3. Once loaded, you should see this line in Charles,
  4. Expand it, Expand resort/, Expand amfgw/
  5. Clear a rubbish in Tiki Resort
  6. You should see this line 'default>(play_service.setPlayer)
  7. Right click and select Breakpoints
  8. Reload Tiki Resort. Game will freeze at the loading screen
  9. Breakpoints tab appears in Charles. Click Execute once.
  10. An 'Edit Response' tab appears
  11. Click AMF
  12. Expand resort_building
  13. Expand [0], first item you see should be a Slot Shack
  14. Change the priceDollar to "1" and maxCash to "88888888"
  15. Click back on Session 1 tab
  16. Right click the (play_service.setPlayer) and select Breakpoints
  17. Click back to the Breakpoints tab
  18. Click Execute
  19. Game will now load.
  20. Buy a Slot Shack for only 1 coin.
  21. The max coins it can hold will be 88888888
  22. Now using Cheat Engine.
  23. Wait for some coins in the Slot Shack
  24. Scan the number of coins.
    example: 4/8888888.  Scan 4.
  25. Wait for more coins to be deposited then next scan the new coins
    example: 8/8888888.  Scan 8.
  26. Repeat step 25 until only 1 address left.
  27. Change the value to 8888887 
  28. Wait for the  "Collect" button to appear. Click and you have your coins! Watch video if unclear. 
Note: you can try clicking Execute more to edit PlayerStats. But somehow i cant get it to load after that, hence this lengthy method or it will have been a lot easier.

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