Pet Society // $30 coins per bump

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This cheat is for those who did not get millions from the previous Pet Society cheat that was released. You only get 30 coins per bump unlike the thousands of coins from the last loophole. Working as at 19Feb.

Credits: free2sw4u for flash 10 version

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • cheat engine 5.6
  • flash 10
  • firefox
  1. Go into Pet Society [play now]
  2. Open Cheat Engine [hex, ASROM, 4bytes]
  3. Go out of your house and click on the trees till you get a coin
  4. Scan "06DA820F"
  5. 1 address returned. Right click and Disassemble
  6. You will see the code "jb XXXXXX"  [xxxxx is random digits]
  7. Right click and select 'Replace with code that does nothing"
  8. Change Cheat Engine settings to [hex, ASROM, Array of bytes]
  9. New scan "8B402485F60F849B020000"
  10. 1 address returned. Right click and Disassemble
  11. You will see the code "mov eax,[eax,+24]"
  12. Change it to "mov eax,90
  13. Scroll down a few lines and you will see the code "mov [ebp-24],00000001"
  14. Change it to "mov [ebp-24],0000001e"  
  15. Now click on a tree. You will get 30 coins
  16. Click 'Add Coins' at the top left corner to enter bank.
  17. Exit bank. 
  18. Repeat step 15 to 17 till satisfied. Have fun.

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