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Credits: patiniox,PSN's generator
Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • Flash 9/ Flash 10
  • Cheat Engine
  • Firefox
  1. Go to Stadium then choose practice
  2. Click on the tick
  3. Click on “Add coins” where you will enter the bank.
  4. Go back to home
  5. Open cheat Engine (Tick hex, 8bytes, Also scan read-only mem)
  6. Scan "5D8B000006C1840F"
  7. 1 address returned. Right click & disassemble
  8. Right click & select 'Go to address'
  9. Copy address in code generator below
  10. New scan "000003E800002710"
  11. A few addresses returned. Right click the 1st one and disassemble memory region.
  12. Right click & select 'Go to address'
  13. Copy address in code generator below
  14. Now click 'Generate'
  15. Notice that generated code has 2 parts
  16. Copy the 1st part and go back to Cheat Engine > memory viewer
  17. Go to Tools–>Auto Assemble (ctrl+a)
  18. Paste 1st part & click 'Execute'
  19. Go back to the main cheat engine interface, at the bottom area where it says Frozen,Description, Address, Type…etc
  20. Copy 2nd part of the generated code and paste it in this bottom area.
  21. Now go to Pet Society and Stadium > Practice 
  22. Remember to tick the options u want to activate
Recommended options:
  • Stage speed = 3000
  • Speed of pets = 3000
  • Without slow motion = 0
  • Length of track = 500

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