Farmville // Valentines Day Cheat (working 11feb)

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Jasmine @ fREE2SW4U

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • 2 browsers. So use Firefox and Flock
  • 2 Facebook accounts. Lets call your main account "Primary" and the other spare account "Secondary"
  1. Enter Farmville on your Secondary account.
  2. Go Market > Buildings > and buy Valentines Box
  3. Place it on your farm
  4. Click on it > Look inside > Ask for Love > Ask Them
  5. The friends list will appear. Select your Primary account and send out the invite
  6. Now in another browser, log in to your Primary account
  7. You will see a Farmville Valentine in your Request section
  8. Click Send Love
  9. Select the Gift you want and click Send
  10. You will enter Farmville and your gift will be in the 'Gifts'
  11. Visit a friend's farm
  12. Click BACK on your browser
  13. You will be back on the valentine's gift page. Select the gift you want again.
  14. Repeat steps 9,10,11,12,13 till you are satisfied.

    I like the mystery gift as you can earn FV cash with it :)
    You can gain easy items/coins/exp/FVcash with this glitch. Have fun!

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