Happy Pets // Coins+Exp cheat

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Credits: lemon

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • flash 10
  • cheat engine
  1. Go into Happy Pets [click to play]
  2. Earn some coins.
  3. Open cheat engine and select browser as process (hex, also scan read only mem, array of bytes)
  4. Scan "85C00F848B0000008B48088B49548945"
  5.  2 address should return. If only 1 return, you did not do step 2.
  6. Right click bottom address and Disassemble
  7. You will see 'test eax, eax'.
  8. Change it to 'test eax, ecx'.
  9. Now click on the laser pointer and point it on your pet. Watch as the exp and coins start increasing.

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