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Today, I hope to help out those of you with websites of your own. It's not easy I warn you, but perseverance can go a long way

All of it goes to everyone here at obviously and I was thankful that I could help some of you guys earn some easy money through the last PayPal Wishlist event.  I know many of you earned $100 USD :p

Well, enough rambling i guess.. the following lists are the better few Ad-publishers that I would recommend. And yes, they do pay up :)

List of Publishers that I recommend.
  1. Google Adsense
    One of the better Click-Through-Rates (CTR).

  2. Infolinks
    This In text advertising can compete with Adsense. Pretty much similar rates and good payout.

  3. Ad-Brite has been around for a really long time but the payout is not really good. But you can try it if you get a lot of page impressions
  4. Fidelity Media is pretty awesome.
These are the few ad-publishers I would recommend trying out for. We also have sites that pay you when people download from your site. These are the few that I am using currently.

  1. Infest them with your files!  [ Register an account at ]
    Upload anything to this site and get paid when people download it from you!

    I am simply recommending these sites so feel free to share if you think you have a better Ad-publisher =D

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