Pet Society // Latest Items 22nd Feb

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I tried making a database of these items.. but somehow the items are not showing up. Playfish may have patched the fiddler database cheat or images and prices are not up yet. Will let you guys know again once Playfish updated their database.

*New Mysterious Box Items!*
GMB – Black Carnival Mask
GMB – Cute Cow Plushie
BMB – Cactus On A Rock
*New Mystery Egg* – There will also be a new mystery egg in the Mystery Shop which Tarzan fans out there will surely like.
Stone Age Mystery Egg items:
Stone Age Wallpaper
Stone Age Floor
Stone Age Shoes
Stone Age Bracelet
Stone Age Dress
Stone Age Male Shirt
Bone Hair Clip                                                                                                                                  Green Dino Plushie
Pink Dino Plushie
Stone Age Window
Rock Table
Rock Armchair
Rock Lamp
Wooden Club
*Shop Items*
Cowboy Nachos
Cactus Juice
Blue Wooden Mirror
Sheriff’s Badge Decor
Sheriff’s Office’ Decor
Cowboy Lasso
Ice Skater Poster
Saloon Chandelier
Milk Tank
Lonely Cactus
Country Horse Plushie
Red Carriage
Cute Rocking Horse
Wooden Rocking Horse
Pink Wooden Bench
Saloon Sofa
Saloon Chair
Saloon Table
Wooden Barrel
Wooden Trough
Wooden Saloon Wallpaper
Wooden Saloon Floor
Saloon Shelf
Saloon Wall Unit
Saloon Wooden Fence
Saloon Window
Saloon Door
Red Petling Bed
Rattan Petling Bed
Brown Cowboy Shirt
Pink Cowgirl Dress
Cute Cowgirl Dress
Winner Shirt
Ice Skater Dress
Brown Cowboy Pants
Golden Carnival Headdress
Brown Cowboy Hat
Cute Cowgirl Hat
Pink Cowgirl Hat
Brown Cowboy Boots
Cute Cowgirl Boots
Pink Cowgirl Boots
White Carnival Mask


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