Restaurant City // Award Coins Spammage

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Credits: fREE2SW4U, AnEjd
Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • 2 facebook accounts [Let's name it account PWNTHIS & account INFHAX]
  • mouse recorder in case you get bored of clicking
  1. Log into Restaurant City in account PWNTHIS
  2. Check your awards list and try to spend 1800 coins. You must not have the 'Spending Spree' trophy
  3. At 1800 coins spent, save the game and enter Restaurant City again.
  4. Now purchase a 200+ coin item. A popup will award you with the 'Spending Spree' trophy
  5. Click Share > Publish
  6. Immediately refresh the game. Your award list should still be1800 coins spent
  7. Repeat Step 4 to Step 6 until satisfied. 
  8. Now log into account INFHAX
  9. You should see a lot of "Charitable Chum" award celebration news. Click on all those 'Claim your 500 coins' and enjoy your new coins.

    Note: You can share other awards other than Spending Spree. Just save the game BEFORE getting the trophy. Then go get the trophy and publish and refresh immediately. If your account have more than 2 million coins, try to reach 1.9 million in spending. Then save the game. Now spend 100k to get the 2million 'Big Spender' award. And basically repeat. Your second account will be able to get '5000' coins each time !!!

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