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This information is only for iPhone users who have not jailbreaked their iPhone and are not willing to pay for Apps. The applications listed here are from the Paid Apps but is available for free only for a limited period of time. Free offer usually last only about 24 hours, so download them while they are free! You can download the following apps by searching for the name in App Store or just clicking the link.   

  • Doodle Blitz  [iTune Link]

    *** Free for 24 hours ***
    Set during the Blitz operations of World War II. It is your mission to flatten the city. Your plane is travelling at a constant speed but steadily lower. You can only drop one bomb at a time. Strategy is required otherwise boom and its all over! Good Luck pilot!

  • Mezopuzzle

    Mezopuzzle in collaboration with www.FreeAppADay.com will be Free today and today only!

    Mezopuzzle - your portal to the Mayan lore...

  • Boxterity

    *** Free for today only ***

    Boxterity for iPhone and iPod touch

    This amazing 3D game challenges you to find a certain color on a 3D cube by spinning the cube any direction you want and tapping on the color when you find it. Boxterity has two different modes of play to choose from. Arcade mode where you race to finish before the clock runs out and casual mode where there is no time limit but you get more points for finishing quicker. Boxterity also has support for OpenFeint where you can track your scores and achievements and compare them to your friends.
  • Pollywog - Original Price $1.99 -> FREE today


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