Tiki Resort // Silver/Gold Coins cheat

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Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • cheat engine
  • firefox
Credits renrenrockz
    1. Open Cheat Engine (double for value type)
    2. Scan current silver coins
    3. Spend some
    4. Next scan new amount of silver coins
    5. Repeat until only 1 address left
    6. Change value to 999999
    7. Spend!
    Gold Coins :
    1. Scan current exp (4bytes)
    2. Gain some exp
    3. Next scan new amount of exp
    4. Repeat until 1 address left
    5. Copy out the address
    6. Click "Add Address Manually"
    7. Paste the address and add +BC at the end (ie: 492Af21+BC)
    8. Change the value to 99999
    9. Have fun!

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