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All you Soccer Fans, I present to you Bola, an interactive soccer game where you can play with your friends or strangers around the world. Very much like your normal Fifa, Winning 11 games.

Credits: pwnthis
Get 17,500 coins each time instead of 500 pathetic coins. Working and Savable. Note: Only this 17,500 coins can be saved. Any edited coins/cash/fans will NOT be saved.

Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):
  • Flash 10
  • Firefox
  • Charles Web Debugging Proxy 3.5.1 
  • Cheat engine for the awesome Speedhack function
  1. Open Charles
  2. Go into Bola [click to play]
  3. Once game is loaded, look in your Charles, you should see the url ''
  4. Double click it to expand it. Expand 'Facebook' and you will see the line 'FacebookBolaBackend.svc/'
  5. Right click and select 'Breakpoints'
  6. Refresh Bola
  7. The game will not load and a breakpoint tab will appear in Charles. Go to the breakpoint tab.
  8. Click Execute
  9. You will now see an 'Edit Response' tab. Click it.
  10. Click on the AMF tab at the bottom.
  11. Change the RealMoney value to '2000' (what value doesnt really matter as this cash will not be saved.
  12. Go back to the Session tab and right click the 'FacebookBolaBackend.svc/' again.
  13. Select Breakpoints to remove it.
  14. Go back to the Breakpoints tab and click 'Execute'. Now the game will continue loading. 
  15. Now purchase the most expensive stadium. '30' cash. 
  16. Play and challenge anyone around the world. You will instantly get $17,500 coins instead of the normal $500.
  17. Open Cheat Engine and Enable Speedhack. When the game is running, change the value to 100 to skip the playing and get the coins immediately. Have fun!
    Remember: These coins can be saved. But any edited coins,cash,fans will not be saved.

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