Restaurant City // CC Items + Ingredients cheat

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Tested&Working as at 30th April 2010.

Credits: Mabel、Daniel、fREE2SW4U

You will need at least 1 Blue Coin for this cheat to work. But it will NOT be deducted, so do not worry. We just need it there to simulate the deduction.

Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):
  • fiddler2
  • preferred browser (firefox, chrome, ie) try all 3 until cheat works ! 
  • [link 1 | link 2

  1. Download the from the link above. Extract the restaurant.bin inside to your desktop.
  2. Go into Restaurant City
  3. Open Fiddler  and go to the Autoresponder tab.
  4. Tick both Enable automatic.. and Permit passthrough..
  5. Drag the restaurant.bin into the autoresponder window and you will see a new line "REGEX:(?insx).*restaurant\.bin$" appearing.
  6. Clear BROWSER cache, and reload restaurant city.
  7. You will now see that all CC and ingredients cost 1 Blue Coins (If it is more than 1 blue coins, you have NOT replaced the database correctly, repeat the steps again). Buy them all! Coins will NOT be deducted but you need at least 1 blue coin to simulate the deduction.  
  8. Savable and refreshable. Have fun.
    Note: This is SIMILAR to the previous cash cheat. Ingredients will ONLY save if you drag them 1 by 1 into the inventory. Clearing room will not work for ingredients.
Video at the end of the post. Yes, I know it's negative experience :p I had to have a negative to test if there is a fix, yes? =D

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