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You can only have 1 table. My hacked tables are not savable :p

For those who are having difficulty collecting the Wasabis and Salmons to get your free awesome Sushi Bar, remember to use the RC gifts generator by nofil2000. Old cheat but still working which is all that matters.
Remember to Convert Tokens To the ItemId that you want.

Salmon 4000069
Seaweed 4000068
ChickFigurine 4000067
Chocolate Bunny 4000066
Easter Egg 4000065
Easter Spices 4000064
Coconut 4000063
Pineapple 4000062
Wasabi 4000057
Prawn 4000048

giant sakura mochi decor:3020308
giant red maki decor:3020311

stone chair :3040060

The amazing Sushi Bar lets you display every Japanese dish you've levelled up to 10, and you can get one free by levelling Salmon Sashimi to 10.
Here's some FREE Salmon to get you started!

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  1. If you get a security error, you did not replace your crossdomain !!! Read the steps and follow every single step or it will not work.
  2. You cannot use your own token to send a gift to yourself. Go to the Group and get other people's tokens
  3. Tokens can only be used ONCE. If it fails, you have probably used it before.

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