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It's been a week and the spawn items still working great. Mayor does not appear for me as I clear cache every single time. Im using Firefox and Fiddler2. Someone was asking for the New Comer Items along with several other stuff and Chodis has compiled a list of items which I have personally tested and they works. And yes I know I am overdue as I have seen this file a couple of days back but just too lazy to post it up :p I promise to be more hardworking in future. hahaa 3 months summer break coming up! =D Plenty of surprises for everyone.

Credits: Chodis

In the list we have:
  • X'mas decorations
  • Valentines candy
  • Halloween candy
  • Lots of veggiez
  • Poo (rainbow, golden, normal) note: PS only allows 2 rainbow 2 golden poo
  • New comer items
  • Easter eggs
Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):
  • Fiddler2
  • Any browser that works with fiddler for you
  • Compile Actions.dat [download1 | download2]
  1. Open fiddler. Clear cache.
  2. Go into PS. There will be the line '/game/pets/swf/XXXX/actions.dat' in Fiddler.
  3. Right click copy url. Add it in Autoresponder. If you cant find it, manually add it using this line. Make sure Enable auto and Permit pass.. are both ticked.  

    See the image file in the folder that you have downloaded if unclear.

  4. Replace this file with any of the .dat in the folder that you have just downloaded.
  5. Once replaced, click save and refresh your Pet Society. On reload.. you should see the items you generated. Use a mouse recorder to automate the action of throwing it into your item chest. 
  6. Note: Certain items have a limit so once generated, it will not appear again. Stuff like the Xmas decorations which is only gotten during the X'mas month. You can only have 1 of each. Poos are limited too.


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