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Credits: dfspeter
Who likes to party? Im sure everyone loves it! Now you can be your own boss in a nightclub.

Those who are getting a gateway error... It's because they cannot handle load and has exceed their bandwidth. Go easy on the game please :p

Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):
  • cheat engine
  • firefox
  • flash 10
  1. Click to play Nightclub party [link]
  2. Earn some exp and coins
  3. Open cheat engine and select browser in process list
  4. Change value to Array of Bytes, Tick Also scan read-only mem, Tick Hex
  5. Scan "89818C0000008B41" 1 address returned
  6. Right click and Disassemble mem region
  7. Right click selected line and select 'Toggle Breakpoint'
  8. After a while, the game and browser and probably this page will freeze. So open the steps in another browser. 
  9. Change the value of both ESI and EDX to '99999999'  (located in top right corner, red memory region)
  10. Right click the selected line again (step 7) and select Toggle Breakpoint
  11. Click Debug > Play and the browser,game will unfreeze
  12. You will now be level 35 and extremely rich. Have fun.
Tested & Working as at 19/4/2010

Additional Coin cheat:
  1. Do the basic scan of current coins at 4bytes. 
  2. Then earn some coins and next scan new value
  3. Till one address remains.
  4. Change the value to any amount. Saves and Refreshable.

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