Pet Society // Coloured Wigs by Patiniox

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Credits: Patiniox
His steps was somewhat unclear, so I have make a clearer steps for you people. But still, thanks to patiniox for sharing.

Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):

Add yourselves as fans as Facebook has disabled the previous page. Right after free2sw4u's page got disabled, we got it too. Probably some jealous sites reporting it :p But PWNTHIS NATION will rise from the ashes and be stronger. RAWRRS.Don't forget that I tend to share really awesome stuff only to my Fans :p

  1. Open fiddler. Clear cache.
  2. Go into PS. There will be the line '/game/pets/swf/XXXX/database.dat' in Fiddler.
  3. Right click copy url. Add it in Autoresponder. If you cant find it, manually add it using this line. Make sure Enable auto and Permit pass.. are both ticked.  


  4. Replace the database.dat with the 1 that you have just downloaded from me
  5. Now go into Pet Society.
  6. Wear a Wig. (you can purchase 1 in the Clothes > Wigs)
  7. Go to the Food shop > Groceries.
  8. Purchase any of the following items and your wig will be Dyed that colour :p It's like buying a cheese to get white! hehe. Have fun experimenting.

    The FRUITS > COLOR list is in the folder. Just open info.txt and check the color that you want.


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