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Credits: Rosie, nofil2000, spyke
The last patch prevented the purchase of v'day mysterious gift. Now it has been changed to Cheap Mystery box costing only 50 coins. Have fun buying cash items again!

Important, Read First:
Do NOT replace the mysteryShop database as there are items there cannot be REMOVED/SOLD/RECYCLED and may cause GAME ERROR in the future which MAY NOT be solved. Use shopMystery at your own risk. My steps only stated to replace database.dat.
If you still want to try the shopMystery, just make sure NOT to purchase items that cost 0!

Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):
  1. Log into your Secondary Account. 
  2. Download the file above.
  3. Open Fiddler
  4. Go into Pet Society. Once loaded, find for this line in Fiddler.
  5. Right click them > Copy URL and go to Autoresponder and click 'Add'. Or you can use the regular expression that I used in all my videos


  6. Now replace the database.dat with the database.dat that you just downloaded. Click SAVE
    (Click on the drop down arrow button beside the 'Save'. Select 'Go To File' and browse to the place where you downloaded the file to.)
  7. Clear cache for your browser.
  8. Clear cache for your browser! i cannot emphasize this enough. Go into Pet Society.
  9. Go into the Boutique, and you will see the Cash Items. Click on them and you should see it costing only 50 NORMAL coins. Click SEND AS GIFT!  Important!
  10. Select your Primary Account or Friends to give it to.
  11. Once done, Close fidder, clear cache log in your Main/primary account and you will see the Presents shown as MYSTERY BOX. 
  12. Open them and the Cash Items appear. Have fun. 


This is an old version but the steps are similar. Just learn how to use fiddler with this video and follow my steps and you will be fine.

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