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Database by fbhax0r & faithhh includes:
halloween08 + rare plushies

Database by faithhh, manuel,lollipop0207@pwnthis includes:
lots of rares
Monster Couch
Luscious Lips Lounger
Admiral’s Jacket
Ceremonial Robe
Ruby Red Sink
Ruby Red Jacuzzi
Black Jacuzzi
Ugly Sock Monkey
Leprechaun Doll
Pot O’ Gold
Bulldog Doll
Monster Doll
Dragon Doll
Valentine’s Teddy
Cupid Pet Doll
Pink Microwave
White Luxury Hi-Fi
Guitarra Portuguesa
Red Electric Guitar
Inca Panpipes
Yellow Dining Chair
Oriental Long Bench
Black Cyclops Couch
Bubblegum Pink Lip Couch
Princess Swing Seat
Classic Red JukeBox
Wonderland Flower Decor
Wonderland Rose Decor
Wonderland Shelf
Champion Trophy Case
Blue Wall Shelf
Ferocious Fly Trap
Yellow Princess Dress
Pink Princess Dress
Festive Party Dress
Ruby Space Dress
Princess Space Dress
Pink Dress With White Jacket
Lucky Green Dress
Cool Short Jacket
Daffodil Dress
Pink Jalisco Dress
Pink Bohemian Top
Bluebell Dress
Deluxe Feather Headdress
Leafy Green Shades
Age Disguise
Funny Nose Disguise
Love Heart Shades
Robot Visor
Bird Half Mask
Deluxe Feather Half Mask

Database by khaled includes:

Black Cyclops Couch
Age Disguise
Love Heart Shades
Red Heart Cushion
Funny Nose Disguise
Astronaut Helmet
afro wig
bunches wig
Bunny Wreath
Grandiose grandfather clock
Wonderland Floor
Wonderland Rabbit
Wonderland Shelf
Wonderland Rose Decor
Wonderland Sign
Wonderland Lake
Wonderland Tunic
Wonderland Wallpaper
Merpet Statue
mermaid wigs,
ugly sock monkey
dragon doll
Uluru Rock
Golden Royal Chandelier
(Blue) Royal Chandelier

Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):
Follow the steps in this post. They are all the same. [Click for Steps]
Replace database.dat and ShopMystery.dat

For Advanced Users only (if you are sick or requesting for databases and feel that you are intelligent enough to make your own :p Just follow these steps.  Always remember to only purchase items that can be purchased, do not risk your account by including weird item as that can severely screw up your account.

So you will need these tools:
  1. [ Shopmaker Download Link + Steps ]
  2. database.dat decompressor and compressor [download 1 | download 2]

How to use the decompressor:
  1. Open any of the edited database.dat (use the latest few that sends gifts as Cheap Mystery Box) that you have on your computer.
  2. Rename the file from 'database.dat' to 'database.bin' 
    Note: If you cannot see the extensions 'dat', go to Control Panel > Folder Options > View tab > and UNTICK 'Hide extensions for known file types'
  3. Now open the decompressor that you have just downloaded from me. Click 'Descomprimir' and select the database.bin file that you have just renamed.
  4. A new file will appear in the same folder. 'database.bin.xml' 
  5. Now using any xml editor, notepad++, you can easily read and edit the database. (google for notepad++) 
  6. Notice some of the items have these additional information in the properties:
    properties="cashShop, buyMysteryBoxInShop" vars="Cheap Mystery Box"
  7. Yeap, include the top line to the items (obviously select rares,NIS items) you want to purchase. Just examine the other item codes and you should figure this out easily.
  8. Save the .xml file once edited. And now in the Decompress/Compressor application, select 'Comprimir' and select this .xml file
  9. Notice that a .dat file will be generated in the same folder. Rename it to database.dat. This is your customized database.dat!
  10. Now using the shopmaker, just include the items that you have edited in the xml file so that it will appear as a cash item and you can buy > gift it to your other accounts. Hope this helps!
Note: It would be better if you have some programming knowledge. If this is too difficult for you, I guess you can only wait for people to make the .dat for you. 

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