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Thanks to Chodis, you can now expand on your collection of fishes. Are you guys sick of all these fishes? Haha, tell me in the comments if you are! :p I sure hope not though and that everyone is happy with their collection.

Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):
  • Fiddler
  • Any browser that works with fiddler
Download these:

  1. Open fiddler. Clear cache.
  2. Go into PS. There will be the line '/game/pets/swf/XXXX/actions.dat' in Fiddler.
  3. Right click copy url. Add it in Autoresponder. If you cant find it, manually add it using this line. Make sure Enable auto and Permit pass.. are both ticked.  


  4. Replace this file with any of the .dat in the folder that you have just downloaded.
  5. Once replaced, click save and refresh your Pet Society. On reload.. you should see the items you generated. Use a mouse recorder to automate the action of throwing it into your item chest.
And also... I know that he has released some .dat for Secret Garden, Stadium Pro etc.. but he has said that those cannot be saved, so I will not be posting the database for it.


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