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Tested "Safe for Account"
This is a working method to get the bonsai pots that many of you are trying to get but resulted in a Game Error.
Get your bonsai pots now!

Credits: Criisz@trucotron27, joojoobe for shopidea.
Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):

  • fiddler2
  • preferred browser
  • Bonsai Shop [Link 1 | Link 2 ]
  • All Clothes Database by DarkSephiroth@pwnthis [ Link 1 | Link 2 ]

[ Click here for full detailed Steps on executing this cheat

Note: The Bonsai Pots will appear as a Blue Mystery Box. Only after Disabling Fiddler, you will be able to see the pots.  The Pots will NOT have any trees in them :p You are just buying the pot.

Visit MysteryShop  for the bonsai pots
If you do not require steps, just remember to replace database.dat with database.dat and ShopMystery210* with shopmystery.dat

From the comments section (for those having problems with Mayor):
Commented by lina:
1. when fiddler is open; log to your second account 'buy the item as a gift) to your first account
2. When you done gifting don't close fiddler and log to your first account (main one) : open the tab of gifts, receive the gifts, open your chest drag out the cheap mystery box (red ones), you will find in every one a blue box don't open this last one (they will go automatically to your chest don't search them )
3. when you done with opening the red boxes : SAVE the game then close FIDDLER
4. Reload and open your chest search 'bonsai' you will find that after closing fiddler the blue boxes that you didn't open changes automatically to bonsai)

solution for those who have problems with mayor and bonsai :
1. open your tab of gifts and accept all your gifts (as you received red boxes)
2. open your chest and don't open the red boxes but sell them all
3. save
done :)


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