Restaurant City // 4k EXP per dish

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Credits: TigerZZ. Released 23/4/2010

Although database version differs, I have tested it and 4k per dish still works. So for those of you who wants to hit level 65. Go for it!

Important: Do NOT lose control of the tool as a high experience value will result in a NEGATIVE value which cannot be fixed! Do NOT be greedy.

Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):
  1. Go into Restaurant City
  2. Restaurant should be open, serving dishes to customers. 
  3. Download RC tool (link above) and extract everything to browser
  4. Open RCCheat.exe
  5. Select English or Spanish or Mandarin depending on your preferred language. Steps will be for English mode.
  6. Select Browser.
  7. Click Low-scan. Give it about 1-2minutes of scanning to get all buttons clickable.
    if buttons still not clickable, serve some dishes first. Then Click Scan/Low-scan again
  8. Once scanning is done, select the cheats that you want! Take care when you use EXP cheat as excessive amount of EXP will become negative and you will not be able to rectify that! 
Cheats includes:
  • Fast eat/customer/walk
  • Fast serve/cook/waiter
  • Infinite Stamina
  • EXP cheat
  • Speed hack
  • PAUSE quiz timing to search for answer
  • QUIZ to get all answers correct

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