Hotel City // Exp + Coins cheat Update

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Credits: smallking@pwnthis
Tested and working as at 5th April. This EXP + COINS cheat works for ALL LEVELS and EVERYONE and ANYONE. Just follow the steps. 100% working at 5th April.

Tools (download all tools in the Tools section):
  • cheat engine
  • flash 10
  • firefox

  1. Enter Hotel City [click to play]
  2. Important: You will need to level up for this cheat to work.
  3. Important: When you level up, an envelope will appear giving you coins and asking you to share with your friends. This envelope is needed to prevent the error from popping up!
  4. Do NOT click Skip or Share yet.
  5. Open Cheat Engine and select browser in process list.
  6. Tick hex, 8bytes, ASROM
  7. Scan "544A89C803544A8B" (for exp)
    Scan "285A89D803285A8B" (for coins)
  8. 1 address returned. Disassemble
  9. Right click selected line and Toggle Breakpoint
  10. Game will freeze. Change the EAX value on the top right to '9FFFF' (or lesser if you are close to level 52. Remember to stop when you are very near level 52 or the game will screw up forever and you do not want that!)
  11. Click Debug > Toggle Breakpoint 
  12. Debug > Play
  13. You will notice that you have leveled up in Hotel City. Do NOT click share/skip yet. Continue until you are level 51. Any level higher than 52 will screw up the game. You have been warned.
  14. Once satisfied with your level, click Skip on the envelope and enjoy the game. The game can be saved. without error if you have done it correctly.


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