Restaurant City // Cash items for 1 coin

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I believe this cheat is by FREE2SW4U and not by that other site. So for those of you who kept linking to that other site, stop it. It's free2sw4u who should have the credit of this cheat.

And yes, it is pretty easy to do. I do have a video too... but it's more or less the same as the 2 videos out there at the moment.. So i will just show you my screenshot of it :p I was too lazy to make until 50million.. so the image only shows 10million =D And yes, saved and refreshed and the coins are still there.

Feel free to edit my database... To get coins, purchase the Egyptian Obselisk at only 1 coin. Then disable fiddler, clear cache, restart RC and sell it at the high price.

  1. Download the important file (link at the bottom of this post)  Extract the 2 .bin to your desktop.
  2. Open Fiddler. 
  3. Impt! Clear browser cache.
  4. Enter Restaurant City and wait for it to load finish
  5. In fiddler, search for the lines ending with front.bin and restaurant.bin (you shd see it, make sure to clear cache if you dont)
  6. Now refer to this image [Click for IMAGE if you need FIDDLER's HELP] Thanks lolli !
  7. Once you have replaced both files in the autoresponder, clear cache again and reload Restaurant City
  8. Items worth only 1 coins now! Have fun
If you encounter an HTTP error, go to Tools > Fiddler Options and UNTICK the 2nd option. "Some warning about http crap"
To edit the ".bin" files: [download 1 | download 2]
Download this important file, extract the .bin from the zipped folder, replace with rc's original restaurant.bin and front.bin. Thank you.  
Coins+Cash Items Database Download: Cheat updated. For latest RC cheat click here > [CLICK]

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