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Tools required:
  • Fiddler2 
  • Firefox/Chrome/IE
Credits: Madevil. Source:free2sw4u

Download Steps & Tutorial HERE.

Improved version by nofil2000: Replace with this Sleepy Octopus.dat instead of the Homegrown-Sweetroot.dat to get 833 coins x 99 easily.

Download Sleepy Octopus.dat: [ Link1 | Link 2 ]

This cheat allows you to get Thousands of coins easily. I got 100k in just minutes. Have fun.

It has been around for a couple of days. So time to share the love. 

Note: Those who have problems with Fiddler, make sure you CLEAR CACHE for your browser. Or UNINSTALL the browser, restart your computer and REinstall the browser. This will definitely work.
Also switch off your Firewall if any. 


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