Farmville // FarmHelper 1.07beta

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Credits: FarmHelper

FarmHelper just updated their FarmHelper - a free FarmVille Bot. You can try it by downloading Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3
(To download in Link 2, just key the number at the right hand corner and click on the button below. See screenshot below.)

After installing, you must login your facebook in FarmHelper for it to work.

The lite version will help you see, harvest and help neighbours.

The Pro Version will actually plow the entire farm for you and specify the stuff specifically what you want to harvest.

Try it, it is fun.

And I would like to extend my thanks to these people in the team too for creating such a wonderful bot.

1.Armin Plax Plakalo
2.Gavin Polding
4.Ian Glowz
5.Correio (malefarmhelper)
6.Martin Szutner
7.Ronaldo Amaral
8.AzraeltrNiko Seppänen

Truly love the FarmHelper Team!


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