Cafe World // Unlock all dishes v3

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As the previous address was no longer working, this is the new address that saves and will not crash your browser.
Credits: kat0p12ak

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • cheat engine
  • firefox/flock
  1. Go to Cafe World (click to play. Click Skip to continue to CW)
  2.  Open Cheat engine and attach it to your browser
  3. Scan current EXP value (4bytes)
  4. Visit a friend and eat the dish of the day to earn EXP
  5. Next scan new EXP value
  6. 1 address returned. Copy out the address and click "Add Address Manually"
  7. Paste the address and add '-30' at the end (example: 0DD90464-30)
  8. The new address will be shown with the value of your current Level
  9. Change the value to 64 and freeze it
  10. Now you can purchase all dishes. Remember to save your game! Have fun.


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