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Credits: Norkies23 @ R2O
This cheat was inspired by the previous few cheats that has been using Breakpoints in Charles to be able to edit the data. Kudos to these guys for taking the time and trying the method on several other games.

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • Charles 3.4.1
  • Firefox
  • Flash 10
  1. Open Charles. (it shd be working and recording activities on your browser)
  2. Go into Sky City (click to play)
  3. In Charles, find the url ""
  4. Expand it > Expand 'definitions' until you see the list of 'Avatar', 'buildings', 'plants', 'decorations'
  5. Right click 'building' and select Breakpoints
  6. Refresh Sky City. The game will freeze and a Breakpoint tab will appear in Charles
  7. In the breakpoint tab, click Execute (bottom right)
  8. An 'Edit response' tab will appear (top right)
  9. Click HTML tab (bottom right)
  10. The few values you can edit are "sell", "plantXP". Change these values to 999999
    What this does is when you purchase that building, you gain that amount of exp or when you sell the building, you gain that amount of coins. You can also change the 'level' and 'coins' to 1, so that you can purchase the building at level 1 or only pay 1 coin for it.
  11. After editing the values to your desired amount, click back on the Session Tab
  12. Right click the Buildings again and select Breakpoints to remove the breakpoint
  13. Click back to your Breakpoint tab and click Execute.
  14. Sky City will continue loading. Enjoy your new coins. Remember to save your game!

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