Bought a domain for you guys.

Hey all!

I have just purchased a domain name for this blog for you guys! It's gonna be pretty exciting as
with the new name, comes new features. It's free for you guys so I don't expect any donations from you guys.

The name i purchased is (NOT READY YETTTT) which will only be ready in 2-3 days time. Don't worry, you can still access my site through so there isn't a need to change your bookmarks. Well, a quick explanation over my choice of name. I'm sure many of you know the meaning of Pwn. (click if you don't) It's really a gamer leetspeak slang to "conquer" or "to own". So i hope with this new name, we can all together conquer the applications/games of facebook etc. Hope you guys will like it.

Ending off.... Have you PWNTHIS today?

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