Happy Pets // Exp cheat

Firstly, click here to Play Happy Pets

To follow on from the previous Coin Cheat, now you can level up quick with this Exp cheat! (both cheats still working as i have just tested it Coins and Exp saved on refresh)

  1. Do something in Happy Pets that gains exp.
  2. Select browser in cheat engine
  3. Set 8bytes, hex, also scan read only mem
  4. Scan "54438b744389c103" Only 1 address returned. Disassemble it.
  5. Right click the line "add eax,ecx" and select "change register at this location"
  6. Tick ECX and insert "186A0" as the value. You will now gain 100,000 exp points instead of 3
Have fun!

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