Pet Society // Combo cheats by free2sw4u

Firstly, click here to Play Pet Society

Download combo tool for flash 9: mediafire OR ziddu

You only need these tools, there is no need for ce5.5 or scanning of values.

  1. Go into Pet Society (link above)
  2. Open combo tool and select brower you're using (download links above)/(try to use flock, it's very fast)
  3. For the 2k bet cheat, go into stadium, select racer, and at the "READY" screen, click on the "start" button in the combo tool. (see image for translation)
  4. You'll notice that the "2k bet cheat button" can be clicked now. Click that!
  5. Now in Pet's Society, click "READY" and even if you lose, you will get 2k coins.

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