Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 2

Disclaimer: In sharing this step-by-step tutorial, I am not encouraging software piracy. The links shared are not created or hosted by This is merely a tutorial on a working method to play Modern Warefare 2 as people are unsure of the files to download.

  1. You will need a torrent sharing application like uTorrent. 
  2. Download the Modern Warfare 2 torrent file here. [modern warfare2 download]
  3. The file is 11gb so it will probably take you a couple of days to download if you have a slow connection. There are many other variants of the torrent that is compressed and may result in a poorer quality of the game so I would only recommend downloading this full DVD-RIP.
  4. Download the DVD crack [mw2crack]
  5. Once your modern warfare2 download is complete, you should see a folder full of  .part.rar files. Double click any ONE of them and you should see 2 files. Disk_1.iso and Disk_2.iso
  6. Using PowerISO or any VirtualDrive emulator, mount both files. Copy ALL the files and paste into a folder "MW2 setup folder"
  7. Open the mw2crack and you will see this file "Call.Of.Duty.Modern.Warfare.2.STEAM.Installer-LUKSi.rar"
  8. Open it and extract all files into your "MW2 setup folder"
  9. Do NOT overwrite the setup.exe (rename it as setup2.exe)
  10. Now double click the setup2.exe, browse for location to install MW2. (make a new folder ModernWarfare2"
  11. Click install. Note: Nothing seems to happen, but it is actually installing. You can check your installation progress by refreshing the "ModernWarfare2 folder" that you've just created. Ctrl-Alt-Del and check the performance tab to see your CPU usage. It should be higher than normal due to the installation.
  12. Once CPU usage is back to normal or no new files is appearing in the folder, you can extract the files from ""  and place them all in your ModernWarfare2 folder.
  13. Double click "iw4sp.exe"  and you are ready to play Modern Warfare ! Have fun! 

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