Pet Society // Latest Mysterybox Items

Download database:
mediafire OR ziddu

Thanks to PSFAN for compiling it. Say thanks to him when you see him on the chatboard :p He's always around to help you out.


Amazing new layout and features coming in December.
And DO NOT give out your password to anyone. I will NEVER ask you for your passwords and account ID.

You will need:
  • the full steps of the database cheat [link]
  • the new mysterybox items database [download links above]
  • fiddler2 (duhs)
  • browser (duhs. fiddler2 works good with chrome and ie. Auto detects these browsers. Firefox requires more settings)
  1. Read the database cheat for full detailed steps.
  2. PS's database url for LuxuryShop changes so remember to search for the new url and copy+add it into Auto Responder.
  3. Don't forget to add new file "ShopLuxury-GMB-november-PSfan.xml.dat" and click save.
  4. Clear cache, refresh PS and go into the LuxuryShop for the new Mysterybox items.

The purpose of this cheat is to.... SAVE YOU COINS AND TIME! Don't waste time buying those mysteryboxes and getting useless junks. Just use this cheat and buy the items. You can't purchase these items in shops, only gotten through mysteryboxes. But with the database cheat, you can now purchase them

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