Pet Society // Auto Jump

Firstly, click here to Play Pet Society

This cheat allows you to earn easy coins just by leaving your pet to auto-jump the skipping rope. It's not alot, but i guess if you leave it overnight (assuming you didnt get disconnected) you should have a substantial amount of coins.

Log to PS
*play with rope for a while
* Open Cheat Engine
* Choose firefox
* Tick hex, & change 4 bytes to 8 bytes & also tick “also scan read-only memory”
* scan 408B0000011D840F
* copy the address in code generator
*Scan 4589C47589544F8B
*copy address in code generator
* click generate
*in cheat engine in the memory veiwer window click Ctrl+A (auto assemble) & paste code then excute
*Play & enjoy

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