Brain Buddies // Score cheat

Firstly, click to Play Brain Buddies

Be the one with the BIGGEST brain amongst your friends!

Credits : TUX

You will need:
  • flash 9
  • ce 5.5
  1. Go into Brain Buddies by clicking on the link at the top
  2. The first game is a memory game. Make sure it is the grid memory game.
  3. It will start with 3 images. So, you scan "3" in your ce5.5 (select browser as process, 4bytes)
  4. Each time you click on the correct grids with images, the number of images increases. So if there are 4 images, you NEXT SCAN "4", if 5 images, next scan 5 and continue until only 1 address remains.
  5. Freeze this address and change the value to "1"
  6. Now enable speedhack and change the speedhack value to 5.
  7. Notice that you just have to get 1 image correct to win the round. You can now easily get the highest score!

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