Zoofari coin + exp cheat

Firstly, click here to Play Zoofari

  • ce5.5
  • flock browser
  1. Go into Zoofari (link above)
  2. Select flock in ce5.5
  3. Change value type to 'binary', tick ASROM, select decimal
  4. Scan current coin value
  5. Get some coins or spend some coins
  6. NEXT scan new coin value
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 till 1 address remains. 
  8. Change the value to "1100001101010000"   (this gives you 50k)
    impt: do not change the value too high as it will become negative and you can never play the game again. Hence, do NOT be GREEDY!
  9. Click save. Start spending. 
Note: do NOT try this method on the ZMONEY as the game will never be able to save and you can't play the game again. 1 wrong move or value results in an instant game error which cannot be rectified!

This method works for EXP too, just do the same except you scan for the current exp points.


Credits: atfer wondering why is everyone crediting freesw4u when freesw4u obviously got the cheat from here.

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