Farmville // Ultimate Money Glitch. Get millions in seconds. Working as at 30th Nov.

Firstly, click here to Play Farmville

Hurry up and use this before it gets patched! You can hit level 70 easily with this cheat. Just follow my simple 4 steps!

Click image for BIGGER view
Click the above link to enter Farmville

[Image 1] Have 2 red barns FULLY filled up.

[Image 2] So you have 2 pages of 6 items in your STORAGE. Place the villa (or most expensive item you can afford) in the lower section of the page as seen in the image. Note: Don't have to be 3 villa!! >< 1 single item is fine.. The key is to be able to spam clicks on the sell later.

[Image 3] Click sell, Notice the button 'Sell' can still be seen. Spam clicks on it with a mouse recorder! Note: If you cannot click the sell button again, just go to the 2nd page and try it on any item in the lower section. Then go back to the first page and the 'Sell' button should be spammable now.

[Image 4] Click it for 5-10mins or longer if you want. Then spam click on 'Accept' now. You will gain million of coins easily. Coins REMAIN EVEN AFTER REFRESH!

Note: Sometimes, the sell button cant be clicked a second time. Just go to the other page and try it on any item. Then go back to the previous page and try again. It should work now.

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