Farmville // Autoplayer Latest version

Download latest farmville tool: mediafire OR ziddu
Click here to Play Farmville

Credits: nessuno

Why use this magic tool? Because.... this magic tool WORKS FOR ALL designs and layouts of farm. You do not have to set the standard rectangle widthxlength as this tool SCANS your farmplots and clicks them at a SUPER FAST speed! try it out to believe it! this is the best tool out there for farmville.

Download the latest version! Links at the top.

  1. Go into farmville
  2. Open Farmville magic tools 1.3 (download link above)
  3. Click NO
  4. Drag the cow in the magic tools over the farmville game window
  5. The 3 greyed out buttons will now be clickable after it detects the game
  6. Zoom out your farm to the smallest so that every plot of land can be seen
  7. Juz click on any of the 3 buttons to start the autoclick. It's fast and good.

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