Restaurant City // Combining cheats

Firstly, click here to Play Restaurant City

Amazing new layout and features coming in December.
And DO NOT give out your password to anyone. I will NEVER ask you for your passwords and account ID.

Combine these 2 cheats to get fast coins, exp and rubbish.
3in1 cheat and lvldown cheat

Thx to Phayfish for the heads up.
Follow the steps PROPERLY. Screw it up and you may never be able to enter RC again. And yeap, ignore those Lost connection popups. Just tick yes to continue and the game can be saved.

  1. Do the 3 in 1 cheat first BUT INCLUDE THIS BEFORE DOING step 20.
  2. Notice step 20 requires you to change the 2nd "je xxxxxx" to "replace with code that does nothing"
  3. Before replacing it, select the line "je xxxxxx", take note of the address and click Tools > Auto assemble > Template > Code Injection > OK
  4. A whole list of codes will appear. COPY THEM! and paste it in a notepad or somewhere, you'll need it!
  5. Once copied, you can continue with step 20.
  6. Now do the lvldown cheat.
  7. Notice immediately after u FREEZE and DECREASE your level value in step 13 of the lvldown cheat, you are going to get some major coins in your bank. Note the rapid +1000 coins. AND yes it can be saved! i refreshed and my coins has increased substantially.
  8. Leave the cheat to run for a couple of mins, then unfreeze the level and change it back to 32!
  9. New Scan "E44589D47589C085" and disassemble it. Scroll down the values (yes it's familiar.. it was the final scan for the 3in1 cheat)
  10. Scroll down to the address that i told you to take note of in step 2. Select that line, click Tools > Auto Assemble and paste the chunk of codes that I mentioned to paste in your notepad in step 4.
  11. Click execute. If done correctly, the rapid coins/rubbish cheat will STOP
  12. And you can now save the game. Refresh it.. and enjoy your new coins.

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