Sea Pets // EXP and COINS cheat

This game is similar to Pet Society except your pet is a fish. Pretty much a copycat game but who cares as long as graphics looks nice and it's cheat-able :p

I used:
  • flash 10
  • flock/firefox
  • ce 5.5
  1. Go into Sea Pets.
  2. Select browser in ce5.5, enable speedhack value "0.2-0.5" (any value is fine as long as you are quick enough to scan the score)
  3. Play the ball game, when the ball is in the air, set speedhack value to "0"
  4. Scan the current ball score. Keep playing and scanning until you have only 2 addresses left
  5. Double click both address and change the value to 9999999
  6. Set speedhack value to "1"
  7. Now you will have lots of exp points.
  8. For coins, just scan the current coin value, get more coins, next scan the new value until 2 addresses left
  9. Change those 2 values to any amount you want. Play with your pet a few times to allow the game to auto save first.
  10. Finally, save the game and refresh. you will be at max level. "Poseidon Himself"

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