Crazy Planet // Combo Tool by TigerZZ

Firstly, click here to Play Crazy Planet

Download Combo Tool: Link

There is no scanning of values required with this combo tool. TigerZZ has compiled the 3 different cheats (pause time, infinite damage and infinite health) into this application.


  1. Go into Crazy Planet
  2. Open Combo Tool (download link above)
  3. Select browser that you're using.
  4. Go into any mission, once the timer starts counting down, click 'Start' on the tool (see image)
  5. The 'Pause Time' should light up and you can click it to pause the time.
  6. Next to unlock the other 2 cheats, you'll need to damage yourself and an enemy. After causing damage to yourself and the enemy, click 'Start' on the tool and the other 2 cheats will light up.
  7. Now click both 'Infinite Health' and 'Infinite Damage'. Notice your health will never decrease and you can 1-hit KO any robots.
Credits: TigerZZ for app and fREE2SW4U for sharing.

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