Restaurant City // Coin cheat for level 32

Firstly, click here to Play Restaurant City,
Cheat is working and can be saved as at 12 NOV 2009.
Works for both flash 9 and flash 10.

Credits: free2sw4u

You will need:
  • cheat engine 5.5
  • piaip tool [download]
  • flock/firefox
  1. Go into restaurant city (link above)
  2. Patch game with piaip tool infinitehax
  3. Select browser in ce5.5, tick hex, 8bytes, ASROM
  4. Scan "00000039840FD285". 1 address found. infinitehax
  5. Disassemble the address and 2 lines down, you will see
    "mov ecx,[edx+00000090]" (for flash 10 users) OR infinitehax
    "mov ecx,[edx+00000088]" (for flash 9 users)
  6. Right click the respective line and "Toggle Breakpoint" infinitehax
  7. Game will freeze, it's okay. Copy the address for [EDX] (it's on the right side)
  8. Once copied, right click the line again and "Toggle Breakpoint"
  9. Click Debug > Run to unfreeze the game.
  10. Now click on "Add Address Manually" in ce5.5 main window.
  11. Paste the address that you copied from [EDX] and
    add "+90" behind the address (for flash 10) OR
    add "+88" behind the address (for flash 9) example: 1A250280+88
  12. A line will appear and you can see that the value is 32, which is your level ! Congrats if you have managed to follow my steps and reach here.
  13. Now FREEZE it and change the value to "31" infinitehax
  14. Go and decorate your restaurant, and when you click the TICK, you will start a cycle of leveling up from 31>32. Keep clicking until you are happy with the amount of coins. (use a mouse recorder, find it in my Useful Downloads) infinitehax
  15. When you're sick of clicking, UNFREEZE and change the value back to 32.
  16. Note: There're times when a pop up appears saying you've lost connection, it's okay. Just click the tick and keep trying to save the game. infinitehax

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