Pet Society // Latest Mysterybox Items 31st Oct

Download Mysterybox items database: mediafire or ziddu
Link to Database cheat: fiddler2cheat

Hi guys!, as usual spending too many coins on mystery boxes hoping to get the latest mystery items? Well, just download the database, insert into your fiddler2 and you can buy the items directly and save all those coins! Click on the above links to download or find the steps to using fiddler2. For those who knows what you're doing, latest database version is 2.5.26a

Quick steps on how to use:
  1. Open fiddler2. Make sure its capturing traffic (f12)
  2. Go into pet society, you should find a line "game/pets/swf/2.5.xx/shops/shopLuxury2078.dat" (clear cache if you don't see it)
  3. Right click copy only url and Add this line into the autoresponder
  4. Now download the database that i have provided. Open it with winrar and you will find 2 files. In fiddler's autoresponder, open the file "xxxxxx.xml.dat" (xxxxx can be any filename)
  5. Click save. clear cache and reload pet society.
    If done correctly, you will now see the new items in the Luxury Shop of PetSociety :)
    If still unclear, click on the fiddler2link at the top of this post for full clearer steps.

And DO NOT give out your password to anyone. I will NEVER ask you for your passwords and account ID. Help click on the advertisement banners at the top of the post or any banners you see! It only takes a few clicks to ensuring the latest
cheats for you guys

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