Happy Pets // Coin cheat

Firstly, click here to Play Happy Pets

Simple coin value editing cheat.

You will need:
  • flash 10 (for flash 9 users, get this flash switcher. So you can switch between flash 9 and 10. I'm using it and it's good) only for firefox
  • firefox
  • ce 5.5
  1. Go into Happy Pets. (link above)
  2. Select firefox in ce5.5
  3. Change value type to "Double"
  4. Scan current amount of coins.
  5. Spend some or earn some and NEXT SCAN new amount of coins.
  6. 1 address returned else repeat step 5.
  7. Change the value of this address to any amount you want.
  8. Start spending! Definitely savable as at 17nov.

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