Country Story // infinite stamina and stealing

Firstly, click here to Play Country Story

For those of you still playing country story, here's infinite stamina and stealing. Steal all your friends crops :p

You will need:
  • flash 10 (flash 9 users, do install the flash switcher for firefox so that you can play/cheat in more games)
  • ce 5.5
  • firefox/flock
  1. Select browser in ce5.5 (hex, 8bytes, ASROM)
  2. Go into CountryStory
  3. Plant/harvest something to use up stamina
  4. Scan "558B000000F4888B" 2 address returned.
  5. Right click the top address and disassemble it
  6. 2 lines down you'll see the line "sub ecx,edx". Change it to "sub edx,edx"
    Now anything you do will not deduct stamina.
  7. Go to your friend's farm and STEAL a crop. The stealing must be successful to find the value.
  8. NEW Scan "C82B000000D48A8B" 1 address returned.
  9. Right click disassemble and change the line "sub ecx,eax" to "sub eax,eax"
    You can now steal continuously.

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