Ninja Saga // Dmg hack for Kunai

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My damage was set to 888. Screen shot as prove that this cheat works. Have fun! Note: Ninja Saga is famous for banning accounts. So if you are not prepared to lose your account, do not use this cheat. I will not be responsible if you got banned.

Credits: HanyarL @ R2O

Tested and working as at 29Jan.

Tools (download tools in the Tools section):
  • Charles 3.4.1
  • Firefox

  1. Open Charles
  2. Enter Ninja Saga (click to play)
  3. Enter your character and check that he is equipped with a Kunai (lvl 1 weapon) If not, purchase from shop.
  4. Refresh Ninja Saga. Now, do not select your character
  5. Look in charles and find this url ''
  6. Expand until you find the line '(SystemData.get)' 
  7. Right click this line and select Breakpoints
  8. Now, select your character and click play in Ninja Saga
  9. The loading should freeze and a Breakpoint tab appears in Charles
  10. Click Execute 3 times
  11. Click "Edit Response" and select the "AMF" tab
  12. Expand the 'weapons' > Expand 'wpn1' 
  13. You should see the line 'damage' with a value of 7
  14. Change this 7 to 888  or any value you want. This will be your Kunai Damage.
  15. Click back on the Structure tab and right click the 'SystemData.get' and click on Breakpoints 
  16. Click back on the Breakpoint tab and click Execute
  17. The game will now load. Fight any mission with your Kunai and watch your high damage. Have fun.

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