Round 1 has ended

Round 1 may have ended but I hope everyone who participated in it had fun. Now I will admit round 1 was simple. I assure you guys it will only get more difficult :p

Now I will reveal the question and the solution.



Round 1. Remember, only 1 comment per person or you will be disqualified!

The question is. Fill in these blanks  _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ 
Yes, there are 27 letters in this sentence. 

Clues/Hints/Answers has been hidden in the site. > 

First to get it WINS! 
Your first clue is: The answer is in one of the Restaurant City Posts.

As mentioned hints are hidden. A smart move would be to check out the hidden FAN page box here > [link] (I think you need javascript to be able to view the contents)
Fans would be able to see a link.
Going to this link you will see that the clue is hidden. But a simple highlight will reveal the answer page.

Which will link you to my very FIRST RestaurantCity post. 
Now, this was a clue given to you in my question. 
Reading the contents state the answer [The Great Pwnthis Treasure Hunt]. 
Hope you had a great hunt. 
2 mins and we have a winner!

He has won these items. More than 100 CC worth of Playfish items

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