Fifa World Cup // South Africa 2010

1 more day to the greatest football/soccer event!

Did you know this is the first time the tournament is hosted by an African nation.

Italy was the last champion of the World Cup 2006. But I feel that they will not be able to defend their title. Spain which is the champion of the last Euro Cup has pretty good odds but personally, I feel that Brazil may be this year's champion after analyzing their last few games which were pretty impressive. Taking a walk down to my nearest licensed betting booth and place a bet for Brazil as Champion! :p Feel free to comment if you feel otherwise! OLEOLE!

For those who did not subscribe but wants to watch this once every 4 years event, just stream it on your computer.

Are you here from the Treasure Hunt? Congrats!
First to comment this wins!
I am faster than the fastest football player in the world cup!

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