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Restaurant City is having a soccer/football fiesta with all the excitement over the Fifa World Cup 2010. With the new items, you can easily transform your restaurant into a Soccer/Football Pitch! These are must have items for all you soccer/football fans. Footie Fever! Have fun making your own pitch.

This world cup has some huge major upsets with France and Italy (2006 Champions) out in the first round. I'm still rooting for Brazil!! =D

Some other new items in RC this week:

We have introduced quite a few new doors and windows this week! Whether you choose the Elegant Night Double Door, the Posh Night Double Door or the Lovely Night Door is up to you! The Trendy Clubbers won’t notice anyway, they are too eager to get inside and have a drink at the bar! Make sure you have your bouncers on duty! ;)
Elegant Night Double Door Elegant Night Door
Elegant Night Window Lovely Night Window Posh Night Exterior Window
Lovely Night Door Posh Night Double Door
Pink Limousine Neon Arrow Banner Trendy Clubbers

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