Nightclub City Cheats // Facebook Credits Items

This is similar to the previous item cheat. I am just providing information that you can do the same to the Facebook Credits items in the game. You should have 2 of  Subaquatica ripple dance floor (2 FBcredits) and 2 Midnight metropolis (3 FBcredits). Let's make them grow.

Tools (download these tools in the Tools section):

  • Cheat Engine
  • Firefox


  1. Go to Nightclub city. [click to play]
  2. So you already have 2 of those FB credits item.
  3. Open Cheatengine and select browser in process list.
  4. In Cheatengine, scan '2' in 4bytes. Now you'll see a couple of addresses.
  5. Now place 1 floor back in your club. Now there's 1 floor left.
  6. In cheat engine, NEXT scan '1' in 4bytes.
  7. Put 1 floor back in your inventory. Now you have '2' floors in your inventory.
  8. Go back to cheat engine and NEXT scan '2'. Repeat these steps till only 1 address left as shown in the video.
  9. Double click on the address and edit the value of the address to 99.
  10. Have fun decorating your club now with FB credits flooring. (note: you can do this for other fb credits items too if you have at least 2 of those)
Also it's quite impossible to change your Facebook credits as the information is saved server side. I have tried and the value will change, but when you purchase an item, Facebook checks their database and informs that you do not have sufficient credits. 

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